"In my painting, I want to show the world that exists in between our lines of perception. The compositions that appear on my canvas, blending in harmony to unlock senses below the surface. Watching a snow-white canvas transform into a revived piece… this is perhaps the pinnacle of my inspiration.”  


Evan Magar, started painting at an early age, being impressed by old masters and his artistic family, working in the movie industry. In 1983-87 Magar studied at Art College and later took additional courses of painting at the Ukrainian Academy of Art. After graduation Magar was working as an art designer on a variety of theatre and film projects. In 1994 Magar was invited to Winnipeg, MB. with his personal art exhibition. Later Magar enrolled at the Animation faculty of VFS (Vancouver's Film Collage). After graduation Magar became a member of the Vancouver, BC. Film Union, while also working in the film industry.


SCA - Elected Member, Society of Canadian Artists.