"In my painting, I want to show the world that exists in between our lines of perception. The compositions that appear on my canvas, blending in harmony to unlock senses below the surface. Watching a snow-white canvas transform into a revived piece… this is perhaps the pinnacle of my inspiration.”  ...readmore 

Evan Magar SCA, Society of Canadian Artists.


  • 2021 Dec. Modern European Gallery Annual Exhibition. Toronto, ON.
  • 2021 October. Modern European Gallery. Works Display. Toronto, ON.
  • 2021 May. KUMF Gallery. "Melodies of Spring" Art Exhibition. Toronto, ON.
  • 2020 November-2021 February. KUMF Gallery. Art Exhibition “Colours of Autumn”. Toronto, ON.
  • 2020 August-September. Tane Art Gallery. Solo Art Exhibition. "Colour Emotions" Toronto, ON.
  • 2020 January. KUMF Gallery. Art Exhibition “Temptation”. Toronto, ON.
  • 2019 Legacy Gallery. Art Exhibition. "Mosaic of Colours". Toronto, ON.
  • 2017 Tane Gallery. Works Display. Toronto, ON.
  • 2010 Alla Rogers Gallery. Solo Art Exhibition. Washington DC, USA.
  • 2005 Simon Patrick Gallery.  Exhibition. Vancouver BC.
  • 1997 Melnechenko Gallery. Exhibition. Winnipeg Manitoba.
  • 1994 Oseredok Gallery. Solo Exhibition. Winnipeg, MB.